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Best and Spiritual Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh, India Your Yog Gurus

Yogi Nirmal Nath Guru Ji

- Founder, Pranayama & Meditation Teacher -

Yogi Nirmal Nath Guru Ji was born in Haryana, India and has 25 years of experience is teaching yoga. He is the founder of Namo Yoga School Rishikesh, India. He obtained his education from University of Varanasi in Vedanta Acharya in Sanskrit. Currently, he is concentrating students from beginners level who has just stepping in yoga life. He is a very humble, patient, simple and soft-spoken person. He is an ideal teacher for Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Meditation.
He is one of the member in Parmath Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh who had resides in this ashram for almost 30 years. He is also giving Philosophy and lectures in Hindi at Parmath Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh to local and foreign audience for many years. He feels proud and happy that he is still distributing his knowledge to others Yoga Practitioner.


Kamal Bhatt Ji

- Hatha, Asthanga Yoga & Shatkarmas (Yogic Cleansing) Teacher -

In 2006, he attained 1 year training course in naturopathy at National Institute of Naturopathy (Department of Ayush Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India).In 2007, Kamal attained bachelor degree in Physical education from Barkatullash university, Bhopal.In 2010, he attained Master of Science in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar.In 2002, Kamal participated in all-India Inter-university Yogasana Championship held at North Gujarat University, Patan.


Dr. Rakesh Ji

- Yoga Anatomy & Ayurveda Teacher -

Dr. Rakesh is an Anatomy Teacher. He has done his Diploma in Anatomy & Philosophy and also Diploma in Ayurveda. He has been serving his knowledge of Yoga Anatomy & Ayurveda for last 4 years. His experience of teaching the several types of students & people has taken him to another level of teaching. His gentle behavior towards students makes him a good Explainer as well. Yogi Rakesh believes beauty is held in every moment, and a smile can connect, create, and calm. And that we all can leave a mark, no matter how small, to help make the world a better place.


Guest Teachers


Yogi Buddhi Prakash Ji


Yogacharya Bhuwan Chandra Ji


Yogi Yogendra Mishra Ji


Vivek Arya Ji


Dr. Usha Vaishnava Ji


Amit Deshwal Ji


Yogi Mukesh Ji


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Yogini Prabha Ji